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Offering a Comprehensive Solution to Health Care

VezaHealth can help employers, plans, and plan partners in reducing health care spend and increasing health care literacy. VezaHealth was created out of sheer frustration for traditional medical management processes. VezaHealth believes that no only are health plans paying too much for medical care, they are paying too much for medical care that a patient often does not need.

VezaHealth focuses not only on ensuring that the care is medically necessary, but that is medically appropriate based on the patient’s desires, history, and lifestyle. VezaHealth goes one step further and coordinates with the health plan to determine if the services being contemplated are covered, and at what reimbursement rate based on provider selection.

If a patient is attempting to seek care from an out-of-network provider, or a provider with egregious billing practices, VezaHealth can steer patients to other facilities. VezaHealth’s CEO, Cori Zavada, is an ERISA attorney by trade and VezaHealth employs attorneys and benefit analysts on its staff. By combing the clinical and legal aspects of health care, VezaHealth is able to create a comprehensive solution to health care.

Skilled Registered Nurses

VezaHealth’s Registered Nurse are skilled at mining claims data of a health plan to identify patients that have unmanaged conditions or have the potential to experience catastrophic health care spend.

VezaHealth believes that while the pre-certification/prior authorization process is important to ensure medical necessity, if a patient is already scheduled for a procedure, it is often too late to intervene and make a difference.

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