Remote Clinical Consultation and Nursing Care Solutions

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At VezaHealth, we can help you gain a better understanding of your condition and find the most suitable options to treat it. Count on our medical team to thoroughly review your medical records and give you an expert opinion regarding your health in every remote clinical consultation.


What We Offer

Our company can provide you with telehealth nursing care that is a cut above the rest. These include the following services:

Remote Second Opinions (RSO)

Rely on us to ensure that you have the correct diagnosis and treatment plan. We work with experienced and specialized physicians across the country who can deliver a second opinion about any complicated health issue or difficult treatment decision even in the comfort of your own home. Our RSO services include the following:

  • Assistance from a dedicated VezaHealth registered nurse
  • Collection of all relevant medical records
  • A written summary of treatment reviewed by an RSO doctor
  • A telephonic remote second opinion delivered by an RSO physician
  • A written summation of your RSO
  • Access to the RSO physician for follow-up questions

Service Benefits

RSO consultation is a fast, easy, and budget-friendly way to get supplementary medical advice from trusted doctors. Oftentimes, we can provide you with a telephonic RSO within weeks of contacting us. Our registered nurse will also gather all your medical records and set up the telehealth RSO for your convenience. Apart from this, all of our services are usually covered by your health insurance provider.

Nurse Navigation

Our registered nurses are driven to assisting patients and health plan providers as they navigate through the medical care system. We do this by providing a vast selection of nurse navigation services, including:

  • Encouraging steerage to high-quality, cost-effective providers
  • Offering consultations on treatment recommendations or diagnoses
  • Talking patients through a complicated treatment plan

Receive Medical Advice and Assistance From Us

Whether you are a patient or a health plan provider, you can trust us to provide you or your clients with unparalleled nursing care and clinical consultation services. Connect with our staff today for more information about what we do.