Helping you be well

At VezaHealth, we focus on delivering clinical education and physician-led second opinion services to health plan participants.  Our Registered Nurses are highly-trained, compassionate, and practice relationship-based medicine.



average return on investment


of patients avoided unnecessary surgery


of patients experienced a change in diagnosis


of patients reported an increased ability to manage their health

What We Do

We are dedicated to fully educating our patients about their medical conditions. By doing this, we can empower them to become conscious health care consumers while also providing them with a variety of quality and affordable nursing care solutions. These include the following:

  • Remote Second Opinions
  • Nurse Navigation Services
  • Travel Assistance


 See what our patients have to say about our services:

“[My nurse] is an amazing human being. I felt a connection with her; she was not just talking to a voice on the phone but to a person. She truly cared about my well-being and it was an amazing feeling.”

“I felt so supported from day one…This is the best program and I’m so glad my employer participates.”

“Everything [VezaHealth] has done has completely changed my life. I never thought I would be able to live normally again.”

“I got better faster knowing [VezaHealth] was on my team.”

Our Partners

We partner with elite physicians across the country to deliver remote second opinions.